Dr. Payne Interviewed on his success by blogger Kim Nugent, PhD

Houston, TX – We know that Baby Boomers are retiring at such a rate that we cannot replace their talent and experience overnight, and yet it seems many Baby Boomers do not recognize the talent in their organizations. I know the talent exists and this blog series will highlight everyday people doing extraordinary things. Fortunately, these young professionals are being recognized in their organizations and there are lessons to learn from each of them. It is important for all generations to listen to what these young professionals have to say as it is important to our present and our future.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Joshua Payne who is one of the operating partners of his medical practice, Texas Bone and Joint at the age of 33. Joshua is a graduate of Tech Texas University with an undergraduate degree in Exercise and Sports Science, where he graduated Magna cum Laude. He earned his medical degree from the University of North Texas, and he graduated valedictorian in clinical studies in his medical class. He was also awarded the Dean’s Award for Clinical excellence given to one medical student from each graduating class, the Academic Excellence Award, given to the top three in the medical school class, President’s Scholar Award for Dean’s List inclusion every semester, and the Bone Crusher Award for excellence in Orthopaedic Surgery. In addition, Joshua in his first year of residency earned the Orthopedic Intern of the Year Award. Dr. Payne completed his Sports Medicine fellowship at University of Texas at Houston where he had the privilege of working the Houston sports teams that included the Houston Texans, Astros, Rockets, Dynamo, and the University of Houston football and basketball teams. Dr. Payne currently practices in Ft. Worth, Texas.

Based on his success, it is not surprising he is part of our unconventional success blog series. Joshua attributes his career success to hard work and dedication, and the examples and sacrifices his family made while he was growing up. Josh shared that his Mother was truly an inspiration to him as he watched her navigate a full-time job in the oil and gas industry, a family, cooking, cleaning all while studying to change professions to become an insurance agent. She and her husband did all this to keep the family in their home town and not have to relocate to another state for the oil and gas positions. Josh’s Mom and Dad took a big risk for the sake of the family but not surprisingly it all worked out. His Mom passed all the licensing exams and became an incredibly successful agent. How could he not learn from this? 

These examples were not lost on Joshua as he started working at a young age. In high school, Joshua played three sports, held down two part-time jobs working at Pizza Hut and on a cattle ranch, and still managed to earn a 4.0 GPA. This same scenario was repeated in college as he earned his way through college, working as a restaurant server, physics tutor, working for a wine dealer and holding several offices in his fraternity all while maintaining a 3.9 GPA. He is proud of the fact that during his tenure as Scholarship Chairman his fraternity was awarded highest fraternity GPA, and he also worked with his fraternity on the Philanthropy of the Year, benefitting Juvenile Diabetes.

Joshua feels he has his dream job right now but would like to expand the practice to serve more patients. His passion is not only the technical aspects of the position, serving people  but watching his patient’s go from pain to restoring them to engage in a fully active lifestyle. 

I asked Joshua if he had advice for younger professionals entering the workforce and here is what he said, “First show you are willing to learn. Show up early; not just on time. Do not call in sick. Do the task requested. Follow up on phone calls and emails. Make no excuses. If you get the job done, you will succeed. People will notice and then you will stand apart from the crowd.” The second piece of advice was, once you determine the professional direction you want to go seek out experts in the field. Make an appointment. Ask them how they succeed. Ask them what steps they recommend for you, so you can obtain that level of professional success. Then just do it. Joshua felt very comfortable saying this as this is the path he has followed in his own life.

I asked Joshua to help baby boomers better understand some of the biggest misconceptions people have about people his age. Joshua said, “I hear a lot that all millennials are stereotyped, and especially many older or more experienced people may feel millennial are lazy or lack a strong work ethic.” Joshua said “ Interact with us on a case by case basis. We are all unique individuals.” From this interviewer’s opinion, you can see that Dr. Joshua Payne is anything but lazy.

As the interviewer, I would describe Joshua’s success in large part because of his strong work ethic, the depth of his experience, his eclectic background, passion, authenticity, problem solving ability, vision and service to community. Joshua  has what I call the X-factor, you might not be able to describe it, but you know it when you see it. He is exceptional.

If you want to learn more about Joshua, go to www.drjoshuapayne.com

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